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This season isn't any various as we start the hatch time with our 1st batch of tegus, which occur being the Argentine Black and White tegu. Here you will discover a quick description of the three unique tegus readily available for acquire this summer months.

Key warmth source: A Major warmth source is essential to keep the temperature of the whole cage inside the right variety. A series of incandescent lights about the cage is probably the greatest heat sources. At nighttime, these lights will have to be turned off and One more warmth resource may be required according to the ambient temperature.

Argentine Tegu Diet: Tegus are generally thought of omnivores, Even though many captive weight loss plans tend not to replicate this tendency. Besides an assortment of correctly sized insects (crickets, mealworms, waxworms, roaches), many significant calcium fruits and greens needs to be frequently made available. Willingness to just accept fruits will differ from animal to animal, but even a little quantity can add a lot of assortment and necessary nutrients towards the tegu diet program. Rodents could possibly be provided, while sparingly, since they tend to be superior in fat, and tegus are just not created to digest substantial quantities of fur.

We pack your reptiles in the most secure, most successful way probable. All reptile orders are transported in a very styro-foam lined cardboard box utilised specifically for shipping reptiles.  Dependant upon climatic conditions, we may possibly incorporate an ice pack or heat pack at no charge for the security of the animals.

Predation by feral tegus could pose a risk to Florida's endangered wildlife, like the Important Largo woodrat along with the American crocodile.[26] Because of their fruit ingesting practices, tegus may serve a vital ecological purpose by dispersing seeds by means of their droppings.[27] Taxonomy and evolution[edit]

Tegus are omnivorous. Juvenile tegus while in the wild happen to be observed to try to eat a variety of invertebrates, like insects, spiders, and snails.[thirteen] In addition they try to eat fruits and seeds. As they expand they become additional predatory and the protein content in their diet rises.

Getting this massive water dish may even assist you to accomplish The perfect sixty to eighty % relative humidity with your tegu's ecosystem (a hygrometer can assist you monitor the humidity degree). Misting the enclosure with drinking water will even support in preserving the surroundings the way your tegu likes it.

Breeding: To efficiently breed RedTegu’s you have to hibernate each the Male and the Female from the winter period. I'd say the clutches is often any where concerning ten to 70 eggs! At the time she lays the eggs, they must be eradicated for incubation. Be mindful not to rotate the eggs as They're eliminated. Location them in an incubator, having a temperature of 86 to 90 degrees.

In its place, a balanced dietary health supplement may be made employing Uncooked, ground turkey, total eggs (with shell), and bone meal or an equal calcium/vitamin complement. Tegus mature rapidly and also have extremely Lively metabolisms. As a result, standard feeding is necessary. There is not any guideline regarding just how much to supply, but tegus must have a filled-out physical appearance when they are complete. Start off by supplying youthful tegus foods daily and alter quantity and frequency as essential. Calcium and vitamin supplementation is very crucial for youthful tegus. A high quality calcium nutritional supplement comprehensive with vitamin D3 should be frivolously dusted on all food stuff each and every other feed.

Don't just will you will get superior quality Tegu, however , you can often come back and talk to us for guidelines or concerns. We wish you to enjoy your lizard and provides it the best possible treatment. 

Prey is subdued while in the black and white tegu’s powerful jaws right up until all struggling ceases. Large website food products are ripped aside While using the help of sharp claws; lesser merchandise are swallowed complete.

Posted on April 20, 2016 Given that the summer approaches and baby reptiles turn out to be additional increasingly offered it is a good time to start out considering a pet lizard as your following purchase. As one of several many different selection of pet lizards readily available, Argentine tegus are a seasonal but regular Element of the variety of lizards for sale at xyzreptiles.

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